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Return orders

If you want to request a full or partial return of your order, proceed to the Orders page in your Profile . In the right bottom corner of the order details page, below the Total, click on the RETURN ORDER link. You will be redirected to the Return Tickets page.

Please provide a reason for the return and submit it. We will respond to your request within 24 hours. We will then proceed with your return request, or if we require more information to process the request, a member of our support team will contact you, by email or phone. As soon as we have enough information it will be processed instantly.

Depending on the order status, there are three different situations for the return process:

  • Orders that have not been shipped out;
  • Orders that have been shipped out;
  • Orders that have been delivered.

Regarding the Orders that have not been shipped out, we proceed to the purchase refund, as soon as your return request has been executed;

regarding the Orders that have been shipped out, we have to clarify information about your delivery, with post services. Usually it takes not more than 48 hours. Then

  • if we can cancel the delivery of your order with our courier service partner, we proceed to the purchase refund;
  • if not, you will have to wait until the order is delivered and reject your delivery. As soon as we get from post services confirmation about your delivery rejection, we proceed to the purchase refund.

regarding the Orders that have been delivered, you have to return your order in full or partial. We will proceed to the purchase refund as soon as we get items from your order, you had requested the return for, delivered back to our Return department, in the good condition, according to the our Return policy . To find the address where to send your order back, go to the Return Departments .

We are processing returns and refunds according to our Return policy. Please before making purchases and requesting returns learn our Return Policy page.

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